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We always listen to the customer’s needs and expectations, and we provide a service that reassures any fears and meets their requirements to the highest of standards.

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    Our promises to you

    On time

    Free and clear quotations

    Comprehensive aftercare

    CCTV Drain Survey

    A CCTV drain survey is an in-depth inspection of your drainage system which allows our engineers to see the exact…

    Drain Unblocking

    Express Clear Solutions use a variety of techniques to perform drain unblocking, including high-pressure drain jetting, drain rodding and more.…

    Our promises

    Through our commitment to our customers, we have been able to earn a fantastic reputation in the industry.

    This is largely down to the three key promises we have developed over the years.

    The following three promises are at the heart of our company, so take some time to read through and see how the team at Express Clear Solutions approach our range of drainage services:

    On time – We promise to always be on time. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting around the house for an appointment that never comes. Drainage issues are stressful, and we understand that you want them resolved as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ll be there when we say we will.

    Free and clear quotations – Our quotations are free and we will go through what exactly what it is you’re paying for, so there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs. If you’re not happy with our quote, there’s no obligation to proceed.

    Comprehensive aftercare – After leaving your drain free flowing, if it blocks again within 28 days, we’ll unblock it, free of charge.

    If we unblock your drain and we don’t find or suspect that there is a fault, we are happy to return free of charge if the same drain blocks again within 28 days.

    If we think there is something wrong, for example, root intrusion or collapsed pipe work, we will recommend and/or carry out a CCTV survey of your pipe work to find out if there is something or not. You will be able to have a look on the monitor at anything we find.

    The reason we offer this promise is to put your mind at rest that you won’t be paying over and over again. We carried out a survey and you told us that this was your number one fear when you had to ring for a drainage company.

    These are indicative of the way we work here at Express Clear Solutions. We pride ourselves on a professional service with a friendly face.

    If you need any drainage advice or require prompt, expert drainage services for your home or business call us on 0800 294 2907 or go to our   contact page.