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How to Prevent Clogged Commercial Kitchen Drains?

There’s no doubt about it. The last 18 months have been tough for the hospitality industry. With many restaurants, cafes and pubs having to close..

What Are The Benefits of Planned Preventative Drainage Maintenance?

Drainage emergencies can cause a whole host of problems for your home or business. As well as the financial impact they can have, unforeseen problems..

Are Drain Flies Harmful?

Not only can they be annoying, but flies in your home can be unhygienic. Common in bathrooms, drain flies can be alarming if you’ve never..

What is a French Drain?

You would be forgiven for thinking all drains are the same. After all, once you’ve flushed your toilet or turned off a tap, no one’s..

What is the Difference Between Drains, Lateral Drains and Sewers?

When it comes to drainage issues, you can be forgiven for getting confused between the various names and terminology for different types of drainage. It’s..

What Type of Drainage Do I Have?

If you’re planning to conduct building work or maintenance that is going to affect your drainage, the first thing you need to do is identify..

Avoid Blocked Drains – Prevent Plumbing Blunders

Drains play an important role in transporting unwanted water and waste away from a property to help keep it clean. However, many homeowners often overlook..

New House Drainage Checks

With so many different types of drains and pipes, it can be hard to know what it is you’re working with, this is why Express..

Who is Responsible for Drains and Sewers on My Property?

The drainage system serving and surrounding your household can be prone to various one-off or recurring issues. When these problems arise, homeowners should be clear..


Based on recent government advice and guidelines, here at Express Clear Solutions, we are taking all the relevant precautions to ensure our employees and customers..

New House Drainage Checks

During the exciting but stressful event of buying a house, you’ll be filling out a lot of paperwork and doing a lot of research. Buying..

Wet Room Drainage – How it Works & Common Problems

Adding a wet room to a bathroom is a considerable investment and can add value to your home. A well-designed wet room is an added..

Drainage Problems, Their Symptoms & Their Solutions

Drainage problems and issues can come in a variety of forms, all requiring different levels of skill to fix. Research shows that on average a..

What happens when water goes down the drain?

Water is something we often take for granted. We turn on our taps and it’s there, as always, ready to fill kettles, cups and sinks...

Is Repairing a Collapsed Drain Expensive?

Blocked drains can be a hassle to deal with, but a collapsed drain can bring major disruption to your property. Repairing a collapsed drain usually..

When are CCTV surveys necessary?

If you experience recurring drainage issues – slow flushing toilets, regular blockages etc. – then a CCTV survey should get to the root cause, allowing..

How long does it take to unblock a drain?

This depends on the size and nature of the blockage. Our engineers will survey your drains before taking appropriate action, and will aim to resolve..

How do I prevent drain blockages in the future?

The best way to prevent future blockages is to avoid flushing non-dissolving/non-biodegradable items down your drains. You should scrape food, cooking oils and fats into..

Drain relining has been recommended, is this service necessary?

While a cheap drainage installation may seem tempting, chances are the low price will reflect a low quality of work, leaving you to rectify the..

What are the signs of a blocked drain?

There are numerous visual, odorous and audible warning signs of a blocked drain, these include: – Slow draining sink – High water level in toilets..

Who is Responsible for Clearing Blocked Drains?

When there’s a drainage issue at your property, figuring out exactly what the problem is and how bad it’s gotten is the most stressful part...

How does Drain Jetting work?

Drain jetting is a high pressure cleaning method for blocked drains and sewer pipes. It works by pumping water – which is stored in tanks..

How do you unclog a drain when there’s standing water?

Slow or blocked drains can be unclogged without resorting to bleach or industrial cleaning methods; the most popular solution is hot water, vinegar and baking..

Augmented Reality and Underground Utilities

When you think of drains, sewers or underground pipe networks, you almost certainly don’t think of cutting-edge technology or computer-generated visual information. Why would you?..

What’s Involved in a CCTV Drain Survey?

In order to maintain and prolong the condition of your drains, it helps to know exactly what’s going on in your pipes. The best way..

Signs You Have A Collapsed Drain

A collapsed drain is arguably the most extreme drainage issue that can occur. Usually, drain collapses are the result of years of poor drain maintenance,..

What is in Water? From Chlorine to Fluoride

There’s nothing better than a tall glass of crystal clear water to quench a desperate thirst, but what is in water? Depending on where you..

Are Collapsed Drains Covered Under Home Insurance?

When your drains have been damaged or suffered a collapse, all you want to think about is getting the issue fixed as quickly and effectively..

Blocked Drain Sources

When it works correctly, the drainage system in your home efficiently carries away wastewater from multiple sources. No-fuss, no complications. However, drainage pipes can become..

How to Fix Smelly Drains

One of first, most noticeable signs of a blocked drain is a rank smell emitting from somewhere in the home. The smell can come before..

Plumbers vs Drainage Contractors: What do they do?

When homeowners experience a fault with their plumbing or drainage system, many are left wondering what action they need to take to rectify the issue...

What Can Go Wrong With Drainage?

A drainage problem is one of the biggest issues a homeowner can experience; if the problem is left unaddressed for a long period of time,..

Drainage Glossary: Key Drainage Phrases

When having any work carried out at your property, explaining exactly what needs to be done can prove to be rather challenging as the terminology..

What to do when you drop something down the drain

From dropping your ring down the plughole when washing up, to losing your child’s favourite toy down a drain in the street, accidents happen to..

A Short History of Drainage

Whilst those in the plumbing industry appreciate the importance and intricacy of a drainage system, for the rest of us flushing a toilet, turning on..

Drains are for Life, not just for Winter – Tips to keep your Drain Top Condition

The extreme British weather can have a major impact on the plumbing in your home and can see drains become blocked, flooded or burst under..

Dealing with Structural Damage to your Drain

While a cheap drainage installation may seem tempting, chances are the low price will reflect a low quality of work, leaving you to rectify the..

Summer Drain Maintenance – Don’t Wait Until Winter

Going on holiday, visiting friends, having picnics and tackling gardening projects are just a few of the popular activities to enjoy over the long-awaited summer..

Why is My Shower Draining Slowly?

The bathroom is typically a tranquil space where you can escape from the stresses of the outside world and relax. Unfortunately, if your bath or..

Top Water Saving Tips and Advice for Homeowners

In these climate-conscious times, more and more homeowners are choosing to run a more energy-efficient property. The top tips in this article will help you..

Top Bathroom and Drain Life Hacks

As the evenings become lighter and the sun starts to shine, many of us are choosing the tackle spring cleaning tasks and home improvement projects...

The New Swirl Tap that creates a Vortex & Saves Water!

Developments in tap design have meant that they can become the focal feature in any kitchen or bathroom, delivering on both practicality and style. This..

Bill Gates Backs Scheme to Create Drinking Water from Human Waste

Bill Gates has backed a new hi-tech water plant that converts human waste into clean water for the developing world. Mr Gates took to his..

Removing Bizarre Items Blocking Drains – The £70 Million Job

Britain started 2014 with the wettest winter in 250 years and continued to experience extreme weather throughout the year. While there has been a significant..

Keep Drains Free of Turkey Fat & Trimmings this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start preparing the traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. As you whip up some festive..

How to Prevent Autumn Leaves Blocking Drains

As autumn draws in and the trees turn brown, it is only a matter of time before the crisp leaves start to fall and cause..

Flushing Wet Wipes Damages Sewers & Blocks Drains

Last summer, Thames Water discovered a ‘bus-sized lump’ of over 15 tonnes of food fat mixed with wet wipes formed in the drains under London..

The Bag It and Bin It Campaign

Creating your own compost bin, recycling and reusing materials, buying canvas bags to use during shopping, replacing light bulbs with energy-efficient alternatives… The significant benefits..

Top 5 Causes of Blocked Drains

Experiencing blocked drains is a common problem faced by most home owners and it can be an expensive and time-consuming issue to fix if not..

Could the Pung-too toilet unblocker be the new plunger?

A clogged toilet can prove to be an embarrassing and difficult situation to rectify, leaving many reaching for the plunger or drain unblocker products in..

Is Flooding likely to become a Common Occurrence in the UK?

Fish and Chips, the Royal Family and the Beatles… Our country has become famous for countless things over the years, most of which make us..

The Sustainable Future of Drainage?

Typically, the English weather is renowned for being rather unpredictable, and with the recent bout of flooding, this reputation doesn’t show any signs of changing...

The Problems of Cosmetic Microbeads

Thousands of beauty items currently available on the market contain tiny particles of plastic referred to as ‘microbeads’, popular for their exfoliation and deep-cleansing effects...

What Drain Clearance Service Do I Need?

Blocked drains and other drain-maintenance issues can be anything from a minor headache to a major problem. The first, and generally the cheapest, response is..

Victorian Terrace, Modern Estate or Rural Idyll: The Potential Drainage Problems

Very few of us give any thought to the drains connected to our property. We take a shower, flush the loo or run the washing..

Tree Roots Cause Drain Pain

While a sprawling tree or landscaped lawn might look stunning above ground, their root systems might be causing serious problems underground. One of the main..

Unwashed Pots Block Drains and Breed Bacteria

The news that your kitchen sink contains more germs than your toilet might come as something as a shock – you might even tell yourself..

CCTV Drain Surveys – What do you get for your money?

A problem with your drainage system can be notoriously difficult to diagnose because of the restricted access, and traditionally any problems that couldn’t be resolved..

What is a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey?

Whilst those in the plumbing industry appreciate the importance and intricacy of a drainage system, for the rest of us flushing a toilet, turning on..

DIY Drain Jetting – Can I? Should I?

Drain jetting is the most effective method of clearing a persistently blocked drain, and it involves the use of a high pressure jet of water..

Generating Electricity from Sewer Blocking Fats

We know that fats, oils and grease (FOGs) shouldn’t be poured into our drains because as they cool, they will congeal and clog up the..

How Drains Get Rid of Wastewater

Every drainage system in every home is different. New build houses are likely to be all very similar but every additional tap, new shower or..

Who is Responsible for your Drain?

Backed up drains; cracked external pipework; faulty guttering; blocked sewers – no matter how well you look after your drainage system, it’s a possibility that..

Drains – What is Your Business’ Responsibility?

There is plenty to think about when running a business. Many companies will have a thorough understanding of their corporate objectives, employee wellbeing responsibilities and..

Items you should NOT put down your Drains

Every year in the UK thousands of people have to call in a professional to help them with a blocked drain that could have been..

The Strangest Things Found In A Drain

Just because you flush something down the loo doesn’t mean that it will never see the light of day again! Here are just a few..

Can Your Drains Survive The Next Flash Flood?

The British weather can be very unpredictable. Even though certain areas of the UK are more prone to flooding than others, heavy rainfall can still..